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A light sleep

When you stay up because you are thinking about how bad you job makes you feel it seems that every minute passing is a hour. 

When you wake up in the middle of the night to finish your reading assignment for school you seem to not have a problem to leave your bed. 

Work(hating your job)= sleepless nights with plots on how to burn people for being so dumb.

Higher Education= The marathon race that you seem to enjoy all the training and pain that comes with it.

The Family Takeover!!

Most of my family is on Facebook. Fantastic!!!! 

There is no freedom to let myself be myself. Oh well. I guess it is on the net my family was bound to find out. Still think certain members are crazy and need to be keep in a cage. But still with out this entertainment I would really miss drinking.

World Cup and Crafts

In honor of waking up at Four A.M. I seem to get away spending almost five hours on the couch by making things. Either knitting, hand sewing, (I almost sewed my hand watching a goal get scored, or coloring. 

A whole month of soccer and I already have one dress finished. 

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